Using 2010 version - the rendered link places the Description appended to 'Link URL' value ?

Jun 12, 2012 at 11:54 PM


I am trying out the 2010 version of the web part.

I have it set to Horizontal, Show in the same window.  The anchor/link is set to the Link URL value along with the Description value.  For e.g., if I have the Link URL to be in my list item, and the corresponding description is left empty, the rendered anchor element shows up with a; - basically repeating the 'description' value of the Link URL column in that link.  If the description is set to say 'Takes you to Yahoo page', the rendered URL is set to;Takes%20you%20to%20Yahoo%20page'

With the URL like this, when I click on the menu item, it is going to a 'url not found' page.

<spNav:spNavMenu2010 runat="server" id="TopNavigationMenu" Set_MenuOrientation="Horizontal" Set_TopNavigationMenu="yes" Set_MenuList="MySiteNavigationMenu" Set_ServerURL="" __WebPartId="{BF172952-6946-45B7-AC43-402939FE4AE7}"/>

Any ideas what could be going on here?

Appreciate your response