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Project Description
Have a Web App with multiple site collections and need a common navigation menu? How about a SP Web Part that gives a consistent, easy to use, centralized site navigation WITH security trimming? This solution uses a SP list for its source.

This solution was inspired by SharePoint Navigation Web Parts.

This solution provides more flexibility for configuring and presenting a menu.
  • No need to enter unique ID for each list entry
  • Easy to assign a parent menu to a menu item - no need to remember a list id
  • Customizable look and feel using your own styles
  • Can use this Web Part as a top or a side menu
  • No need to specify the sub-menu level, it will be dynamically determined
  • Unlimited number of sub-menus - Warning too many sub-menus can impact performance
  • Click to activate menu, overriding On Hover
  • Open menu item in a new window
  • Support for both WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007


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